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The Curriculum at Key Stage 3:

Year 7: We focus first upon a thematic investigation into the Geography of Wales.

Different topics studied include:

  • The identity, location and climate of Wales;
  • The importance of protecting the Welsh environment;
  • Tourism in Wales;
  • Employment in Wales;
  • Population dispersal in Wales.

We then focus on developing the necessary Geographical skills that pupils need to access and understand Human, Physical & Environmental Geography through the development of map skills by focusing upon Wales

Year 8: We highlight the different aspects of the natural world, and how our impact alters the space around us. Different topics studied include:

  • The Water Cycle, with a focus on erosion and weathering, rivers, flooding and hazard management;
  • Contrasting HICs with LICs, with a focus upon Kenya.

Year 9: We investigate how Natural Hazards have shaped the world. Different topics studied include:

  • Natural Hazards;
  • Globalisation.

The Curriculum at Key Stage 4:

At GCSE Geography, three units are currently studied. You will study and sit exams on:

  • Unit 1, focusing upon Landscapes and Physical Processes, Rural-urban Links and Tectonic Landscapes and Hazards;
  • Unit 2, focusing upon Weather, Climate and Ecosystems, Development and Resource Issues and
    Environmental Challenges;
  • You will also complete 2 Non Examination Assessments, based on Fieldwork activities.

WJEC GCSE Geography is a linear course. As such the examinations for Unit 1 and Unit 2 can only be taken at the end of Year 11. The Fieldwork activities will be completed in the Summer Term of Year 10 and the Non Examination Assessment will be sat at the end of the Autumn Term in Year 11 and marked externally.

Useful Websites:

Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:


GCSE Geography

 Unit 1:

 Unit 2:

 Unit 3:

Important Dates for the Diary:

  • The Summer Term of Year 10 is when our GCSE Geography Fieldwork for the Non Examination Assessment is completed. Attendance at these activities is essential
  • In November and December of Year 11, pupils sit the Non Examination Assessment in exam conditions during lessons. It is important that you do not book any holidays for this time!
  • In May and June of Year 11, pupils sit the Unit 1 and Unit 2 examinations. Again, it is extremely important that you do not book any holidays for this time!

Extra-Curricular Opportunities and Visits:

As a department, we pride ourselves on the wide range of educational visits that pupils have the opportunity to experience. Locally, we have visited Newport, Usk and Bridgend to complete GCSE Geography Fieldwork activities. Nationally, we regularly visit the Natural History Museum in London to bring the impact of tectonic activity such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to life for pupils. Internationally, the department has taken pupils to Iceland to further investigate tectonic activity. We are in the process of rescheduling a visit to Pompeii in Italy to investigate the impact of Mount Vesuvius’ eruptions on the region.

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