Ysgol Abersychan School

Welsh: Cymraeg

Subject Leader:  Mr C McLean 



The Welsh department is well established and provides the school with its sense of identity within Wales. Bilingual signs are visible around the school and thus enhance the importance of the language. The department works closely with the Performing Arts department to host the school Eisteddfod. The department has also had many individual and group successes with its participation in the Pontypool Schools Eisteddfod. Pupils are encouraged to use the language both within and outside the classroom. Pupils are also prepared to engage in conversation with other members of staff who are Welsh speakers.

Welsh teaching rooms are located in the new building and have interactive whiteboards with access to the ICT suite and individual laptops. The target language used underlines the fun that can be gained using mime and actions!

Songs, poetry, magazines, games and films enhance pupils’ vocabulary and sense of enjoyment. Individual tasks, pair and group work all play an important part in language lessons. The skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are all used in the various lessons.

In KS3 pupils add to their previous knowledge of Welsh learned in primary schools. The topics studied in KS3 include Family, Friends, Leisure, the Area, Keeping Fit and Healthy and Holidays. Pupils are assessed regularly and given advice on how to improve their work.

In KS4 pupils can opt to study Welsh as a Full Course or must follow the Short Course. Every pupil in KS4 will be entered for an examination and pupils are advised on the best possible route for them. Two tiers are available both in the Full and Short course. Pupils who arrive in Abersychan with little or no knowledge of Welsh are given plenty of support and encouragement. Participation in lessons follows its natural course with much fun as everyone comes to terms with the notorious Welsh alphabet. Pupils favourite words include “llym, dwp, boen, sglodion” and of course “moron.”

Annual visits to the Urdd camp at Llangrannog are much awaited as a wealth of activities include skiing, trampolining, horseriding, quad-bikes and swimming to name just some of them.
The department is committed to enhancing the pupils knowledge of Wales and its historical and cultural value.

Expectations are high and a committed staff communicates clearly and effectively with pupils to enable them to reach their highest potential.

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Revision Website for Year 10 and Year 11 pupils can be found here Revision Website

 The following link will lead you to a revision app to help you with GCSE Welsh: http://welshrevision.ilearnwales.org.uk/

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