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Science: Gwyddoniaeth

The Science Department

Dr C O’Connell                Subject Leader, ITT subject mentor (staff3009@abersychan.schoolsedu.org.uk)

Mr G Williams                  Science Teacher, 2nd in Department, ITT Subject Mentor

Mr D Selway                    Science Teacher, ITT Subject Mentor

Mr C Thompson               Science Teacher

Mr D Shaw                       Science Teacher

Mr R Price                        SNRB and AEN Science Teacher

Miss T Trott                      Science Teacher, Technician

The science department consists of six laboratories which are all well-resourced with scientific equipment and ICT facilities including an interactive whiteboard and Learnpads that all pupils can access and use to enhance their learning and develop their ICT skills. 

We aim to provide personalised science education of the highest quality for all pupils at Abersychan School, promoting independent thinking, nurturing curiosity and enquiry, and providing pupils with a toolkit of essential skills required for successful lifelong learning.  
We aim to ensure pupils are equipped to leave Abersychan School as confident and well-rounded individuals with high aspirations and a wealth of positive learning experiences. They will develop a level of science literacy to help them become informed citizens of our ever-changing technological society. We promote an ethos of high expectations and challenge, an enthusiasm for science and a passion for improving the quality of education for everyone, nurturing and showcasing individual talents.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, pupils develop enquiry and problem solving skills in the context of a range of themes:

Year 7

  • Practical Licence – Pupils learn how to use key equipment such as Bunsen burners, thermometers and measuring cylinders before completing a practical test to earn their licence!
  • Harry Potter – During the first half term, pupils study ‘Potions’ and  ‘Muggle Studies’ and which covers a range of Chemistry, Biology and Physics topics that form the grounding for understanding some of the fundamental concepts or big ideas in Science.
  • Throughout the rest of the year, pupils cover topics including electricity, superheroes and body systems.


Year 8

  • Practical Licence refresher course – Pupils recap how to work safely in a science laboratory and use scientific apparatus before re-taking their practical licence test.  They then move on to studying a range of scientific topics within overarching ‘themes’.
  • For the rest of the year topics covered include space, microbiology, variation and forces.

Year 9

  • Pupils start KS4 topics in Year 9 and are assessed using Key Stage 3 levels for three full investigations throughout the year.
  • Pupils will also complete end of topic tests to help develop revision and exam skills and will sit one GCSE exam in this year.
  • Further details about the GCSE course and topics covered will be given out to pupils in September of Year 9, including exam dates.



Homework is set regularly to reinforce and extend learning. Tasks are varied and can include written tasks, making models, reading or research-based tasks.  Details, deadlines and resources are provided on class charts for pupils and parents to access.  It is expected that every pupil should complete homework on time and to the best of their ability. Access to laptops or Learnpads can be arranged if needed.  

Key Stage 4

Pupils begin to study for their KS4 courses in Year 9.  The set they are placed in and course they follow is tailored to the pupil based on Science results in years 7 and 8, and more information will be given at the start of Year 9.

Most pupils will complete at least TWO Science qualifications from:

Triple Science – 3 separate GCSEs

Double Award Science – a double GCSE

Double Applied Science – a double GCSE

Single Applied Science – one GCSE

BTEC Application of Science – equivalent to one GCSE

Resources and past papers are regularly added throughout the year to Class Charts for all pupils to access.  Pupils are expected to use these to complete homework and to support learning, revision and examination preparation.  Revision sessions may be organised as required for each class. Texts will be sent home to inform you if your child needs to attend these and we would be very grateful for your support in ensuring they attend.

Every pupil will also be provided with:

Topic booklets which contain the specification and notes.

Past Papers for each of the examinations.

Past papers will also be available through the Class Charts website, along with other resources to support revision.

The department also uses Twitter and Instagram to help pupils with any difficulties outside of school hours.  You can follow us @AberScience

You are welcome to email Dr. C O’Connell (Subject Leader) for any further information or more specific details at


All examination dates for the year will be given out in September.

Extracurricular Opportunities


Pupils are given the opportunity to attend various STEM-based workshops and visits throughout the year to enrich the Science curriculum.  This year, this has included Year 9 pupils completing workshops and a residential course in partnership with the Smallpeice Trust.

Wildlife Club

Every Thursday KS3 pupils can attend wildlife club to get to know and help look after the many animals in the department, including snakes, a tarantula, fish, chinchillas, gerbils.  The club also help out with the gardening and maintenance of our outdoors area including the greenhouse.

Film Club

Every Friday popcorn and pop culture films. So far we have covered all the Harry Potter films and all the Lord of the Rings films.