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S.N.R.B.: c.a.a.a.

The Special Needs Resource Base (SNRB)

Head of Department

Richard Price – Richard.Price@abersychanschool.co.uk


Abersychan Special Needs Resource Base (SNRB) is the only secondary SNRB in Torfaen. This year we have 30 pupils; some with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN). Most pupils have Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) and associated emotional, behavioural, physical and medical problems. Our pupils can have a wide range of difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Disorder and join us from the whole of the borough; usually travelling to school in a minibus provided by the Local Education Authority (LEA).

Pupils are taught in small classes by a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant (TA). Pupils attend assemblies, concerts, plays and take part in all school activities. Our pupils also play an active part within school bodies such as The School Council, Prom Committee and the House System. Pupils use all specialist classrooms around the school.

Torfaen LEA determines who attends Abersychan Special Needs Resource Base.

The SNRB shares the aim of Abersychan School in its endeavour to provide the best education for all our pupils. Staff strive to help pupils play a full and active role within both school and society; this being achieved by offering an educational and social curriculum which develops both self-esteem and confidence through success. It is the aim of the SNRB to create a harmonious environment that is conducive to developing the pupils’ learning, social and emotional needs while respecting the individual’s rights at all times. The 2009 Estyn Report noted, 'Teaching and support staff within the SNRB are dedicated and enthusiastic. The quality of teaching and support is a significant strength.'

The SNRB offers a more supported environment but pupils can access suitable mainstream lessons through Key Stage (KS) 3 and if able will then complete GCSEs in those subjects at the end of KS 4. Within the SNRB, pupils complete Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC) Pathways Exams. The SNRB functions as a Department of the school and as a result operates as a fully included part of Abersychan School.

The SNRB aims to fully involve parents in the education process and firmly believe close home/ school links are fundamental to this. A multi-disciplinary approach is sought in helping pupils; parents are informed very early if issues emerge and are kept fully up to date on pupils’ progress. Parents are encouraged each term to come in and set educational targets with teachers and are invited to numerous update meeting such as Statement and Transition Reviews and Parents Evening. We also aim to create good links with any Outside Agency that is involved in our pupils' lives.

Our Schemes of Work (SOW) and Assessment for Learning (AfL), target progression both academically as detailed by The National Curriculum Attainment Targets and also with Social and Independence Skills. The 2009 Estyn Report stated, 'It (The SNRB) provides a very effective social and educational placement within a caring environment.' Our ethos is detailed in Abersychan School's Vision Statement and Aims:

Vision Statement

  • At Abersychan our aim is to provide an innovative and dynamic approach to learning, enabling all pupils with the skills to thrive in a continually changing world.
  • We promote an ethos of high expectations, academic achievement, positive values and continuous improvement within a caring, orderly, supportive and fully inclusive community.
  • We believe that all pupils are of equal value and we are committed to the pursuit of individual excellence, achievement and success for everyone.

Our fundamental aim is summarised in the Mission Statement:

Learning to live – Dysgu i fyw

'The SNRB for pupils with moderate learning difficulties and associated behavioural difficulties is an outstanding feature of provision with the school.' (Estyn Report, 2009)


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