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Pupil Showcase

Celebrating the amazing talents of our pupils at Abersychan!

April 2022



The Abersychan School Choir - We Don't Talk About Bruno 

The Abersychan School Choir have been hard at work this term working on the very popular hit song from Disney's Encanto, 'We Don't Talk About Bruno'. This song has been a choir favourite over the past few months and they have proven that hard work and commitment really pay off. The students have loved rehearsing this and can’t wait to perform in live at this years summer show 'A Night at the Musicals'.





The Abersychan School Choir - All of Me 

As well as 'We Don't Talk About Bruno', the School Choir have been performing some more mainstream popular music this term. They have worked hard on creating a performance of the very popular song by John Legend, 'All of Me'. The students have enjoyed performing something very familiar and exploring different harmonies. 





James - Brass - Where is Love and Blackadder

James is a year 7 student who has brass peripatetic lessons with our brass teacher Mr Davies. He is a talented student who works hard at his instrument. Here is he performing his pieces that he performed for his grade 2 exam, where he achieved a merit. Well done James!



Kayleigh and Ryann - For Good

Kayleigh and Ryann are cousins in year 11 who are both incredible singers. Both girls are committed members of the music department and have grown from strength to strength during their GCSE Music studies. The girls are proactive in their singing and both have lessons, as well as sing in local musical theatre groups and local performances. The girls are constantly working on music and spend a lot of their time in the music room performing. Here is a performance of 'For Good', a duet from the popular show Wicked. 




Alecia - Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Alecia is a year 8 student who has singing lessons in school with our wonderful singing teacher Katie. Alecia is a committed and talented member of the music department and is involved in everything that we do. She has been working on a performance of the popular 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' from The Lion King. 






Ukulele Club - Bad Habits

The Ukulele Club is new ensemble for this term and it has been a huge success. So much so that Mrs Heard had to buy more ukuleles! They have been working on a variety of chords and performance techniques and have created a very successful performance of the recent hit by Ed Sheeran 'Bad Habits'. They are looking forward to further developing their skills and expanding their repertoire. 

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