Ysgol Abersychan School

Physical Education/Active Well-being


Paul Michael (Head of Department)             


The Curriculum at Key Stage 3: 

Students study a range of competitive, creative, adventurous and health fitness and well-being (HFW) activities including but not limited to; football, rugby, netball, hockey, gymnastics, orienteering, dance, HFW, athletics, rounders, cricket, baseball, dodgeball and many more.

Within each of these activities students develop a range of personal skills such as communication, teamwork, working with others, organisation and personal qualities such as perseverance, dedication and social skills whilst also developing activity specific knowledge and understanding, skills, techniques and tactics. 

The Curriculum at Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 students have can opt for one of two pathways in PE:

GCSE PE                                                                                             

BTEC Sport

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Important dates for the diary

December – Y11 Coursework Final Submission

February – Y11 GCSE PE Practical Moderation

Extra - Curricular opportunities and visits

Football Club

Athletics Club

Bi-annual International Sports Tours and Ski Trips

Badminton Club

Basketball Club

Dance Club

Dodgeball Club

Bi-annual International Sports Tours and Ski Trips

Gymnastics Club

Hockey Club

Netball Club

Rounders Club

Rugby Club

Trampolining Club

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