Ysgol Abersychan School

Year 7 visit to Cosmeston Medieval Village (08/07/16)

Mr Evans and Mr Thomas of the History department along with Miss Wilson took 45 Year 7 pupils back in time today to experience what life was like for the ordinary people of Wales in the 1340s.

The pupils were shown around the medieval village of Cosmeston by Henry Hogg and the Reeve’s wife, Charlotte. The pupils visited several cottages in the village including the bakery, the tithe barn and the tavern to investigate what life was really like 650 years ago. They enjoyed finding out about Medieval punishment with Tom Breen spending some time in the pillory. The pupils also enjoyed staging a morality tale about an unpleasant Baker played by Thomas Evans selling rancid bread to his customers!

Henry and Charlotte also showed the pupils how to make bread, although Sarah Davies and Daniel Clint were not the most successful apprentice bakers the village had ever seen. The pupils were also treated to a medieval weapons display with Courtney Allen finding herself in full armour as a Medieval Knight!

The pupils learned a great deal about life in the middle ages and had a lot of fun. However, everyone was pleased to come back to the present day and enjoy an ice-cream and picnic in the sunshine!

Pictures from Cosmeston Medieval Village


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