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“Wales is on the path to transform the way children learn, with a new curriculum aimed to prepare its children and young people to thrive at school and beyond. The new curriculum for Wales is future oriented and intends to create a better learning experience for students and to contribute to the overall improvement of Welsh education. The co-construction process succeeded in engaging many and in developing trust, while systemic adjustments in institutions and other policies are helping set in motion a professionally-led education.” 
The Minister for Education (2020)
Education in Wales is changing. This site is intended to give parents, carers, Governors and learners all of the information that they will need in terms of understanding Curriculum for Wales (CfW) and what the changes mean. 

What is changing?

There will be a new curriculum, made in Wales by teachers, partners, practitioners, and businesses and shaped by the best ideas from around the world.

Assessment will be part of your child’s learning every day and they’ll work with their teachers to understand how well they’re doing.

There will also be new ways of training and supporting staff and help for schools to improve.

These changes will all complement the new curriculum.

Why must we make these changes? 

The national curriculum was first introduced in 1988 before on-line shopping, Google and the Cloud. Now, the world of work is different, technology is different, society is constantly changing.

The curriculum must prepare young people to develop higher standards of literacy and numeracy, to become more digitally and bilingually competent, and to be confident, capable and compassionate citizens – citizens of Wales and citizens of the world.

When will it happen?

Here’s when the new curriculum will be taught:

  • September 2022 – Year 7
  • September 2023 – Year 7 and 8

The curriculum will then roll out year by year until it includes year 11 by 2026 .


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