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Art: Arlunio

Art Department at Abersychan School

Art plays a vibrant part of school life at Abersychan. Our aim is to extend student opportunities and experiences and help them find ways of expressing themselves creatively – developing their personal skills and cultural appreciation to enrich their lives.

We are a small two man unit; Miss E Davey - Head of Department and Miss B Jones - Teacher of Art and Textiles. This department is in the midst of big change; the subject leader was appointed in September 2015 and has made a number of modifications to help modernise the ways of teaching and learning in Art. Miss Jones has also been newly appointed for 2016 and we look forward to the positive contributions she will make to the department. The Photography course was also introduced in 2015, it had an £8000 grant to purchase 20 SLR cameras, flash guns, lenses, filters, studio equipment and books.

The Art Department is situated in the main block of the school; it consists of 2 art classrooms which look out onto a small courtyard and a specialist ceramics room. The ceramics room houses a number of potters wheels and a kiln. With the expansion of adding Photography to the Department we are hoping to add a photographic studio in the near future.   As a forward thinking department we promote the use of IT in lessons for both KS3 and KS4. All teaching rooms are fitted with; projectors and interactive whiteboards, a number of IPads, a bank of laptops and a bank of brand new Learn Pads.


KS3 follow the Welsh National Curriculum and study two topics per year to help develop different skills and knowledge of artists and cultures. We work on the ethos that quality is better than quantity and have worked to devise a scheme of work that produces beautiful sketchbooks and final outcomes. This has led to a high number of pupils to exceed in this subject. The Department made vast improvements on KS3 levels in 2015 with 90% achieving L5+, 44% L6+ and 16% L7+. Standards are improving and we are sure this will continue.

Below are the topics and some examples of the projects studied at KS3.


Autumn/Spring Term

Spring/Summer Term

Year 7

Mark Making


Pattern & Colour

Aborigine Art

Year 8

Artist/film Research




Year 9


Day of the Dead


Various Artists
















































KS4 pupils work to the WJEC specification for both Art & Design and Photography. The first year develops knowledge of different types of media and techniques and teaches pupils how to take quality inspiration from artists. We continue to have a high emphasis on the quality of work in sketchbooks and promote independent learning by setting weekly home based tasks. The second year allows pupils to select their own topic so they can pursue their own interests, followed by the externally set task. We are a popular course and have large numbers opting for both subjects each year. Over the past 4 years we have been averaging 18% of pupils achieving A* - A and 62% A* - C. In 2015 we achieved 68% A*-C. It is our aim that with this newly revived department, results and standards will continue to improve yearly.

Below are the topics and some example of work completed by GCSE pupils.


Autumn Term

Spring/Summer Term

Year 10


Developing research and drawing skills


Idea development and ceramics

Year 11

Mock Exam

Personal Project

Externally Set Task (Exam)

A choice of topics from exam paper