Ysgol Abersychan School

Expressive Arts - Art and Design, Photography and Textiles


Staff including email address

Miss Davey (Subject Leader): emma.davey@abersychanschool.co.uk 

Miss Jones: beth.jones@abersychanschool.co.uk 

Mrs Parfitt: hannah.parfitt@abersychanschool.co.uk


The Curriculum at Key Stage 3

KS3 currently follow the Welsh National Curriculum, but we are working towards developing an exciting new one that runs in line with the Curriculum for Wales collaborating us with Drama and Music to become the Expressive Arts. We study two topics per year to help develop different skills and knowledge of artists and cultures. We work on the ethos that quality is better than quantity and have worked to devise schemes of learning that produce beautiful sketchbooks and final outcomes. This has led to a high number of pupils to exceed in this subject. The Department is making improvements each year with KS3 levels in 2019; 92% achieving L5+, 80% L6+ and 33% L7+. Standards are improving and we are sure this will continue.

Below are the schemes of learning pupils will follow in 2020/21


Autumn/Spring Term

Spring/Summer Term

Year 7


Emphasis on colour and studying

Picasso (Curriculum for Wales)

Mark Making


Year 8

Artist Research


Artist/film Research

Wreck it Ralph

Year 9


Day of the Dead

Artist Research

Van Orton Brothers







The Curriculum at Key Stage 4

KS4 pupils work to the WJEC specification for Art & Design, Photography and Textiles. The first year will develop knowledge of different media and techniques and teaches pupils how to take quality inspiration from artists. We continue to have a high emphasis on the quality of work in sketchbooks and promote independent learning by setting weekly home based tasks. The second year allows pupils to develop their findings in their own way giving them more freedom to pursue their own interests, followed by the externally set task. We offer all 3 courses each year and are happy to have nice small classes so we can offer as much support as is needed. In 2019 pupils achieved 21% A* - A and 70% A* - C. In 2018 we achieved 39% A* - A and 86% A*-C. We are a conscientious department and are improving schemes of learning and outcomes yearly.

Below are the topics and some example of work completed by GCSE pupils.


Autumn Term

Spring/Summer Term

Year 10


Developing research and drawing skills


Artist Research

Year 11


Idea Development

Externally Set Task (Exam)

A choice of topics from exam paper

Useful websites, podcasts, youtube channels for revision, Pinterest and Instagram  


Important dates for the diary

Mock exams in year 10 are usually set the week before Christmas.

Externally set task (Year 11 Exam) starts the first lesson back in January; the 10 hour exam is sat in April.


Extra - Curricular opportunities and visits

The art rooms are open every lunch time and Monday – Wednesday after school.

Textiles – Bristol Zoo: to collect first hand resources for GCSE

Photography – Wetlands and SS Great Britain: to take photos to aid their studies.